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The timer will countdown once you start typing. Use the spacebar or comma to go to the next word.

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* Words Per Minute is the calculated average of the correct keystrokes. *

Do you have any idea how fast you can type? Are you satisfied with your typing speed? Is your typing speed good enough? If you want to know how are you going with your typing skills, you can take some typing tests online. Taking the speed-typing test online is the quickest and the best way to evaluate your typing skills and show you the areas where you need an improvement.

After taking the test and you are not yet happy with your typing accuracy and speed, you can do some typing practices online. Typing Test application is one way to enhance your typing skills and get better on your typing speed and accuracy.

Why improve your typing skills?

Being able to type fast and accurately is an important skill to have. Most jobs require computer and typing skills before they will hire you. If you do not have these, you will find it hard it hard to land a new employment. Typing Test helps you improve both your typing speed and accuracy.

Typing Speed test usually test how fast your type by the number of words you are able to type in per minute. On average, the typing test calculates how many words you can type in 60 seconds.

Measuring how well you do

There are some benchmarks in evaluating your typing speed score. If you get a score of 20WPM and below, this means that you have a very low typing speed and you have a lot of improvements to do. On the other hand, if your result is 50 WPM and above, this means you are performing pretty well, although you can still do more work if you want be the best.

Another thing is accuracy. Your accuracy is measured in percentage of the number of words you type in correctly. There are people who can type fast but the accuracy is pretty low. Perhaps now you are convinced that a good typist could not only type fast but also type accurately.

You need to type fast in order to get the job done on time and accurately so your work is readable and understandable. To be honest, readers do not care how fast you finish the article. If you have lots of embarrassing mistakes in your document, this can make you look bad. Although, it is awesome to be able to type fast but it is ver important to not sacrifice accuracy.

Now that you have successfully assessed your level in typing, the next thing you need to do is plan on how to improve it. Try Typing Test app to help you with this.

How to use the application:

1. Type the words you found in the rectangle.

2. The timer will start as soon as you type the first word.

3. Use the spacebar or comma when you type the next word.

4. If you type the word incorrectly, the text color will turn to red.

5. Only type the word that is highlighted and hit the spacebar or comma to proceed to the next word.

6. The words that you typed correctly are displayed in color green and then red for those you typed incorrectly.

7. Finally your results is shown in the box down below.

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